Deploying Apple iMacs to an Active Directory Network

So, the day has come to deploy some Apple iMACs to one of our computer labs where I work. With little experience using an iMac, we set out to accomplish this task. The Apple GUI took a little getting used to, but with a little exploring things came very easily. There is not much difference […]

Learning CSS, Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 we learned what Cascading Style Sheets are and what the proper syntax is. In Part 3 we are going to provide some color to our web page. The colors you use on your web site are displayed by combining red, green, and blue using the RGB (0 to 255) or […]

Learning CSS, Part 2 – Syntax

Welcome to Part 2 of the Learning CSS series. In Part 1, we learned what CSS is and how we can use it in our own web site. In this article we are going to touch on the basic syntax of CSS. HTML has tags, CSS has a selector and one or more declarations. Selectors […]