The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. --Thomas Jefferson

Where else is this going on? Project Veritas video shows apparent voter fraud in Texas.

World Economic Forum leads a ‘concerted effort’ for global socialism

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Dr. Jay Lehr: Climate Change is a Hoax

President Trump delivers remarks in Alamo, TX at the 450th Mile of New Border Wall 1/12/21

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COVID Case Counting:

Students shocked when told about Hunter Biden scandal

Please watch - Gianna Jessen speaking from her own experience before the Australian Parliament

Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme

America is Burning from Bad Land Management, Not Climate Change

if you don’t want sick people to spread what they’ve got, you have to quarantine those sick people - Wuhan Flu: It is what it is and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

Dr. Baric Was Reviewing Moderna's & Dr. Fauci's Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019!

CDC Now Says COVID-19 Isn’t Airborne Threat - Scientists Say That’s Wrong

Sensible, Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

NY Times Reveals We Have Immune Systems

Eric Clapton & Van Morrison Collaborate on Anti-Lockdown Song

Nearly two months after COVID spike began, few Midwestern hospitals facing feared surge of patients

Superspreaders? Leftist 'Think Tank' Finds COVID Cases Often DECLINE After Trump Rallies - Headline USA

London Erupts in Protest Against 'New World Order' Lockdown

Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on Hydroxychloroquine

Human coronaviruses ‘inactivated’ by mouthwash, oral rinses: study | Fox News

First Lady Melania Trump: “My personal experience with COVID-19.” | The White House

REVEALED: Anti-Trump New England Journal Of Medicine Is Partnered With A Chinese Communist Publishing House

CDC Admits There is No Proof COVID-19 is Airborne Virus and They Have Been Misleading the Public All Along - Blunt Force Truth

Nations Using Hydroxychloroquine have 75% Lower COVID Deaths

World Bank Records COVID-19 Test Kits Exported In 2017, 2018 - National File

Almost Every Hospitalized Coronavirus Patient Has Another Underlying Health Issue, According to a Study of New York Patients

NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 1/2/3) - Redstate

NYT: Up to 90% of people who test positive for COVID-19 ‘are no longer contagious and don’t need to isolate’ - Twitchy

Texas County Drops From 4600+ Active Covid Cases to Under 100 After Audit

‘Hydroxychloroquine’ And The COVID-19 Political Battlefield. It Became 2020’s Dirty Word.

COVID-19 Treatment Study - Analysis of 65 Global Studies

AAPS: FDA Delays On HCQ Outpatient Approval Are Causing Deaths Daily

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Bill Gates Luciferace, the Micro-Needle Vaccine Delivery System

Dr. Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine Is 'Not Effective' in Treating the Coronavirus

Celebrated doc's career dotted with ethics, safety controversies inside NIH

Yale epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19, so use it and stop politicizing it

Yale professor says hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives — but it's being stifled by a 'propaganda war' - TheBlaze

Literally Thousands of Doctor's and Scientists Have Come Out Against Dr. Fauci's Lockdowns

Officials scramble to deny herd immunity after news of 68% antibody rates in parts of NYC

Hydroxychloroquine and Fake News | Zero Hedge

KDHE doctored a COVID case chart to justify mask mandates

Democratic NY City councilman says hydroxychloroquine saved his life

Study Shows COVID-19 Patients Receiving Hydroxychloroquine See Death Rates Cut in Half |

New York Times report: Coronavirus lockdowns may cause over 1 million deaths due to tuberculosis, other diseases - TheBlaze

CDC acknowledges mixing up coronavirus testing data | TheHill

Hydroxychloroquine and Fake News | Zero Hedge

Timeline of Events Debunks Trump 'Incitement' Claims Officials REFUSED Security

Biden China Chief Said She Was "Fine" With the CCP Spreading Influence in America & Pre-Briefed Communists Ahead of a Major Summit

Will the Politburo Let Joe Biden Address Congress?Biden Cancels Operation Talon Program That Targeted Sex Offenders Living in the U.S. Illegally

Recalling Gen. Douglas MacArthur: ‘There can be no compromise with atheistic communism’

Sergeant-at-Arms Accused of Covering Up for Pelosi on Capitol Hill Riots Security

House Dems Introduce Bill To ‘Abolish Electoral College’

Family Claims that Armed Rioter Arrested at DC Capitol Was Not a Trumpster

Harris, prominent Democrats listed as 'key contacts' for Biden family business venture projects

The Closing Argument for the American Regime

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Keith Ellison Restricts Freedom of Assembly of Political Opponents

'Before the Polls Even Close': Anti-Trump Groups Plot to Shutdown DC and Spark National 'Uprising' After Election | CBN News

Joe Biden: 'America Was an Idea'

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Email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian biz man to dad

Also Not on Joe Biden's 'Official Schedule': Oval Office Meeting on Michael Flynn Investigation

How did She Get to the Top - The Kamala Harris Story - RevolverWas the FBI sitting on the Whitmer kidnap case?Married to the Maoist Mob: Revolution by Riot | The American Spectator

Report: paper buried info about anti-Trump anarchists with plot to kill police

Unearthed videos of suspects in Gov Whitmer kidnap plot suggest they are anything but pro-Trump right-wingers

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NuLu businesses respond to gentrification demands

‘How Dare You Fly the American Flag!’: Protesters Invade Neighborhoods With Terroristic Demands and Threats

President Trump's 2nd Term Agenda

House Democrats Introduce Trump-Inspired Reform Package

Chinese State Media Says A Biden Presidency Would Be ‘Smoother’ For the Chinese Communist Party

Stop Panicking About the Post Office‘Slick Showpiece’: Chinese State Media Gives Fawning Review Of Democrat Convention

The Claims About Pres. Trump And The Postal Service Are Preparations for Democrats To Deny Election Results And Have Congress Select The Next President

On Kamala Harris | National Review

Is Cuomo Targeting Bars That Criticize Him for Suspension?

Counterfeit drivers licenses being smuggled into U.S. from abroad, officials say | Just The News

Satanic Temple Raffles Free Abortion, Says Killing Unborn Babies Is 'Ultimate Offering to Satan' - News Punch

'A Child's Voice' producer John Paul Rice blows whistle on censorship and child sex trafficking

2008 CNN report says Wasserman-Schultz worried about "signature fraud" from mail-in ballots

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Twitter's QAnon Purge Should Motivate Every Patriot, Q-supporter or Not

Celebrated doc's career dotted with ethics, safety controversies inside NIH

Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance

D.C. Mayor Bowser Partners With Chinese Communist Party Group

Literally Thousands of Doctor's and Scientists Have Come Out Against Dr. Fauci's Lockdowns

WATCH: Cuban Immigrant Warns About the Deadly 'Pill' Americans Are About To Swallow

Officials scramble to deny herd immunity after news of 68% antibody rates in parts of NYC

Obama / Biden AFFH is a detriment to your property rights and local government authority. But President Trump puts an end to this Social Engineering project.

Americas Elites are Waging War on Workers and Small Business

TEXIT? Texas lawmakers consider Brexit-like move in wake of socialism trend: 'This is not about war'

AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change

Senate Committee Subpoenas ‘Spygate’ Professor Stefan Halper - The Daily Caller

Former Australian Senator Claims “Great Reset” is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic

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Soros Linked Organization Prepares for Election Coup - Calls for Massive Street Uprisings

Soros-Backed ‘Election Integrity’ Group Sets Stage to Oust President Trump Regardless of Voting Results - Big League Politics

Steve Forbes: Biden Win Would Be 'Unmitigated Disaster,' Economy Would Be Doomed To 'Stagflation'

Trump to Feds: Stop 'Anti-American' Training on 'Critical Race Theory'

Biden Megadonor Owns The Atlantic, Reportedly Communicates Often With Journalist Behind Anonymously-Sourced Trump Bombshell

Secret Service Inadvertently Confirms Gateway Pundit Story About Biden Sexually Assaulting Agent’s Girlfriend

Trump Oversees Historic Serbia-Kosovo Deal With Great News For Israel

CDC Wants to Own Your Property Now

Protesters Chanting ‘Death to America’ … IN AMERICA!

What Does Black Lives Matter #BLM Want And Their Relation To ISIS

History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself, but the Darkest Parts Often Do – Part I

It’s union power, not safety issues, that’s determining which US schools reopen this fall

University Lesson: ‘If a Few of the Worst Republican Politicians Were Assassinated, it Wouldn’t Be the End of the World’

Tens of Thousands of Germans Rise Up Against Bill Gates and Big Pharma in Berlin

Homeland Security Secretary confirms Antifa meets standards of domestic terrorism

Facebook announces new deep learning system that automatically detects “misinformation”

The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom in America by Former FBI Agent and Constitutional Scholar Cleon Skousen

I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology

Report: Deep State Delayed Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Because It Prevented Brennan’s Jihadis From Entering US To Train, Form Antifa

States That Switched To Green Energy Have Higher Costs, Little Growth

Scientist: 'Global warming' scheme to push global tax

Photograph shows what some are calling ‘Jesus’ over the World Trade Center site

Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012

Biden's Clap you stupid !@#%@^# comment - John Talks on Youtube

He wants to be Commander in Chief?

Obama on hypocrisy over payroll tax cuts