Safeguard Your PC Before It’s Too Late: Hints from Privacy Matters 1-2-3 (MVQ*PRIVACYMATTERS123)

Privacy Matters 1-2-3 (MVQ*PRIVACYMATTERS123) to Aid You in Choosing the Foremost Computer Security Software System for Your Household Computer Author: Linda Davis It feels as though computer security has become more essential than household security these days. Cyber-terrorism, computer viruses, and even the theft of personal information have forced families to think about their computer […]

Why Choose A Cloud Hosting Environment Over Managed Server Hosting?

Ask that question of a room full of IT professionals and then step back and watch the fireworks. Opinions on Cloud vs Managed Hosting vary and are strongly held. Both sides seem to have reasonable arguments. Author: Michael Lemm Keep this in mind when considering this question. In reality “managed server” and “cloud” are not […]

iPhone 5/iPad 2 To Be GSM/CDMA, More

Author: superwholeshops The next iteration of both the iPhone and iPad will feature a Qualcomm chipset that supports both CMDA and GSM, allowing the device to operate on most of the planet’s cellular networks. Engadget reported Friday that an unnamed “reliable source” also told the site that the iPad 2 will also feature a higher […]